Over a hundred children from Ukraine took part in summer integration courses in the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship

Over a hundred children from Ukraine took part in summer integration courses in the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship

All this as part of the FAMI project "Świętokrzyskie - good neighborhood for Ukraine", implemented by the Świętokrzyskie Voivode and the Association Integration Europe-East, from July 19 until August 29, 2023.

For Ukrainian families has been planned the organization a series of 4 local summer integration courses, which were ultimately attended by over 60 children aged 6-12. Additionally, the Energy Science Center conducted summer experimental workshops for over 40 children as part of the celebration of Ukraine's Independence Day.

The final phase of the project was an organizing two regional integration trips to Bałtów for 70 people (children and their guardians).

In the first place, integration classes were held for 4 groups of school children and youth:

  • І group (19 - 25 VII 2023) with the participation of 15 people;
  • ІI group (26 VII - 01 VIII 2023) with the participation of 16 people;
  • ІII group (2-8 VIII 2023) with the participation of 15 people;
  • ІV Group (9-16 VIII 2023) with the participation of 15 people.

Each of the above groups participated in 8 hours of weekly integration courses (apart from weekends and holidays), provided with: professional care (educators, educators, Ukrainian psychologist) and food (two -course dinner, buns, fruit, drinks and others). Integration meetings took various forms and places of implementation. Starting from theater workshops by the method of drama in the artistic zone, the Ceilian base in Kielce, through museum lessons at the Hammond Museum, and ending with rallies of the Kielce reserves. As part of numerous classes, we managed to realize:

  • trip to the botanical garden "Geonatura;
  • trip to the center of geoeducation and the "Wierznia" reserve;
  • trip to the Palace of Krakow bishops in Kielce;
  • trip to the Kielce Technology Park;
  • rally around the Kadzielnia reserve along with visiting the cave;
  • weaving workshops at the National Museum in Kielce;
  • workshops on regional culture ("Pasiak Świętokrzyski" Foundation);
  • outdoor theater workshops ("Studio TM");
  • theater workshops using the drama method in the Zone Zone Ceilica (Foundation "Studio TM");
  • academic workshops "Poland speech for the youngest" with prof. Father Leszczak;
  • mindfulness workshops;
  • nature workshops in the "Geonatura" botanical garden;
  • going to the cinema for the film "Mavka and forest guards";
  • going to the Hammond Museum;
  • meetings with a psychologist;
  • other (e.g. art classes, games and physical games, board games).

The next stage of the summer integration courses was the organization of scientific workshops for over 40 children by the Energy Science Center and the Energy Experience Center of the Kielce Technology Park (as part of the celebration of the Independence Day of Ukraine (August 24, 2023). Participants could learn through play and experimenting (for example by baking key rings from shrink foil, solving puzzles or painting). The classes were conducted in Ukrainian, and meals were provided during them.

The summary of the summer integration courses were 2 regional trips to the Baltowski Tourist Complex. In total, 70 people (children and their guardians) took part in the trips (August 22 and 29, 2023), including from such attractions as: JuraPark Dinosaur Park, Miniature Park, Safari, Prehistoric Oceanarium, Sabatówka, Playground Park - roller coasters, go-karts and a 5D cinema. During the trip, participants were provided with entry tickets, transport, a guide, an insurance policy and meals (two-course dinner, dessert, juice).